International First Aid Certification Centre LLC is an international institution intended chiefly for teaching emergency response together with promoting knowledge on it, including training courses for international In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) promoters, first aid responders, emotional first aid responders and military first aid responders. As people have been more and more interested in knowledge on emergency response, being strongly aware that not only the knowledge but also the skills are important and useful in every-day life, IFACC specialists have developed a series of standards to be applied in case the emergency response is needed and at all levels of emergency response courses.
The main aim of our training courses and classes, i.e. the readiness to offer first aid together with additional assistance, the methods of providing such aid and assistance or the sequence of actions, is the same as that of the other institutions involved in training emergency responders, instructors or trainers.
The principles of emergency response and algorithms developed by our experts are based on directives of Basic Life Support (BLS) Working Group and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). ILCOR represents the most important world resuscitation organizations, while its duty is to unify first aid principles throughout the world.
IFACC program connected with emergency response is based on source materials from International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, International Trauma Life Support, European Resuscitation Council.
Unlike many other organizations, International First Aid Certification Centre focuses its training activity on training children, young people and adults. Unlike other organizations, we prepare our manuals, instructions and other publications according to the age of course participants. We are aware that there are differences in perception, degree and rate of understanding or ability to acquire motor skills between early school children, late school children, young people and adults. We are also aware that among the instructors there may be some with no pedagogical background and no clear idea how the classes should be conducted in order to teach as quickly and effectively as possible.
Contrary to many other organizations, the specialists employed with International First Aid Certification Centre are available nearly every day of the year upon completion of the instructor course to help with the organization or process of the training courses or classes. If you need help, you can always write to us. We do not provide phone support. You can also ask for help from your instructor or trainer.