Certificate Check

The basis of the activity of the International First Aid Certification Centre is the credibility of our teaching programs and issued certificates. Unfortunately, forgeries of our documents happen in spite of various kinds of protection.
If you want to verify the credibility of an IFACC certificate please complete the spaces in the form below.
You will receive the credibility confirmation for the issued certificate or information on the infringement of standards with reference to the issue of a given certificate.
By return mail you will receive information if a given certificate is genuine and if it was issued in accordance with the IFACC standards. At the same time, we inform that on 20th March, 2015 two educational institutions merged (First Aid Certification Centre of Newark and First Aid Certification Centre of London) and they are presently accredited under the name of International First Aid Certification Centre. Certificates issued for the above named institutions can be verified in our system.
You must fill in all the following blank spaces in the questionnaire. For the preparation of the certificate authentication will be charged at:
- $ 15 (e-mail information and official confirmation - pdf),
- free (e-mail information).