Advanced First Aid

IFACC develops programs of special courses for professionals and accredits the selected national programs in the scope of training medical professionals.

It should be borne in mind, however, that:
  • Advanced First Aid Courses,
  • Qualified First Aid Courses,
  • Rescuers Medical Courses,
are organized in certain countries on the basis of national regulations obligatory in a given country.

In order to check if a given IFACC course meets fully or partially the first-aid requirements in your country you need to contact the nearest National Representation IFACC or a Master Trainer Instructor IFACC, or send us a message through our questionnaire. As an international teaching-research institution IFACC does not independently assess the first-aid qualifications acquired by certain persons in various countries.

IFACC teaches according to its own teaching programs, which are conducted in different destinations. All educational activities of IFACC are entrusted to authorized institutions, educational centers and qualified professionals accredited or licensed by IFACC.