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International First Aid
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Contact with the Main Office of the Management and Scientific Board of Directors of International First Aid Certification Centre.
Direct contact by phone is reserved for:
  • Regional Directors of IFACC
  • National Directors of IFACC
  • International Experts of IFACC
Contact details for everyone:

To contact the International First Aid Certification Centre for general questions, please use the online spreadsheet.

International First Aid Certification Centre, LLC

General office address:
118 WEST 13TH ST
Wilmington, 19801
County: New Castle
State: Delaware

The Scientific Board of Directors and Regional Representations of IFACC do not give their telephone numbers and they do not provide information about courses and trainings IFACC. You should bear in mind that IFACC is an international research scientific and education institution which cooperates with many institutions specializing in teaching first-aid, emotional first-aid and first-aid didactics.

Persons who are interested in participation in individual courses accredited by IFACC should contact the nearest or local IFACC educator, who is authorized to conduct courses in the IFACC system.