Service Office

  1. Management and Scientific Board of Directors of IFACC perform their duties on voluntary basis and they do not draw salaries for their work.
  2. Management and Scientific Board of Directors of IFACC meet once a year at the General Meeting of the Management Board of IFACC.
  3. Meeting of the IFACC Board of Directors is organized at a place designated by the Chairman of the IFACC Board of Directors.
  4. In particular matters the Board of Directors of IFACC take decisions at the video-conference and has the means of long-distance communication at their disposal to perform their duties.
  5. When the IFACC Board of Directors is not in session all decisions are taken by an appointed IFACC Office Director on behalf of the IFACC Board of Directors.  
  6. Any appeals against the decisions of the IFACC Office Director should be submitted to the President of IFACC, who is one of the directors of the IFACC Board of Directors.
  7. Any motions, inquiries and appeals to IFACC should be first submitted to:
  8. Director of the National Representation of IFACC,
  9. Director of the Regional Representation of IFACC,
  10. If you are unable to get help from your teacher, instructor, trainer, course director, international examiner, accredited training center or representation in your country then you can write directly to our international office. Bear in mind that your case will have to be examined by an expert, who is familiar with the IFACC educational system in your region or country. The educational systems IFACC in individual regions of the world and even in various countries differ substantially from the ones presented on our official page.    
  11. In order to lower the final certification costs IFACC reduces to minimum the employment of full-time workers. In various destinations (regions and countries) the certificates may be different.
  12. Please bear in mind that IFACC is mainly a scientific research and educational institution. Our research and training materials are made available to our teaching partners in individual countries.  
  13. In all matters concerning courses, training and teaching systems the IFACC Management and Board of Directors request to contact the authorized IFACC professionals (teachers, instructors, trainers, course directors, international examiners, accredited training centers), who are responsible for introducing our educational programs in individual countries.  
  14. Our main office and regional representations do not provide telephone information about courses and training by phone.
  15. The main office and regional representations perform only research and scientific activities related to the verification of the efficiency of the IFACC teaching systems.
  16. If you are a person who would like to complete a course in the IFACC system you need to contact your nearest IFACC educator in your country. If you cannot find an authorized IFACC educator please write to us using our on-line questionnaire.
  17. Each Regional and National Representation of IFACC can have the established, specific standards concerning courses, training, teaching principles and certification, which are usually adapted to the provisions of law and customs obligatory in a given region or country.
IFACC Board of Directors have appointed two Regional Representations of IFACC to provide proper service for the IFACC professionals.
Eastern, Central, Western Europe
This representation covers mainly countries of the so-called Eastern Europe and other countries of the so-called Western Europe. The representation aspires also to introduce the selected teaching programs of IFACC in such countries as: Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Latvia, Russia and other East European countries.  
America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa
This representation deals mainly with countries in America, Asia, Australia New Zealand and Africa. The representation covers those countries, the legal systems of which are mainly based on the so-called common law.  
If a given country has not been assigned to a given destination in the IFACC system then the organization of courses and certification will be provided by the European Representation of IFACC till the introduction of such a change by the IFACC Management or assigning a given country to a given destination.  
If you do not know where to get information about a course organized in the IFACC system in your country, please write to us. We will refer you to the nearest IFACC educator, who can teach you in the IFACC system.

General office: office(at)

All activities of the IFACC authorities, regional and national representations are performed on voluntary basis.
International First Aid Certification Centre as a voluntary and international research scientific and educational institution ensures phone contact with the IFACC Management Office for:
  • Accredited Regional Representations of IFACC
  • National Representations of IFACC
in order to do research, exchange scientific information and take decisions about changes to the teaching standards in a given country or region.
If you complete:
  • First Aid Response Course,
  • Emotional First Aid Course,
  • First Aid at Work Basic Course,
  • First Aid for Teachers Basic Course,
  • First Aid Instructor Course,
  • First Aid at Work Instructor Course,
  • Emotional First Aid Instructor Course,
or other specialist courses for trainers and other specialists please check our offer and information from our educators.
Before you write to us – check the courses by IFACC in your country or region.
Management and Office of IFACC do not provide information by phone. If you have any questions please write to us using an on-line questionnaire on our webpage. We will provide you with full information. Use English when writing to us.
You can also write us a message in any language (you native language). You need to bear in mind, however, that your letter will be translated by our employees by means of an automatic translation software. That translation can be burdened with errors as a result of the automatic on-line translation.