Course Evaluation

All courses and trainings conducted on behalf of International First Aid Certification Centre can be evaluated by the IFACC Office. International First Aid Certification Centre reserves the right to directly evaluate the work of instructors, and to indirectly evaluate both the work of instructors and observance of educational standards according to International First Aid Certification Centre system.
Such evaluation may have the following forms:
  1. Direct evaluation of the instructor's work by an authorized inspector during the course. Indirect evaluation of standard observance basing on evaluation forms sent to graduates from courses/trainings.
  2. If an instructor infringes educational standards, the IFACC Office will start official proceedings, either on their own initiative or basing on a complaint made by anybody.
  3. Such proceedings are kept secret until final decision is issued.
  4. Final decision will be revealed to the instructor concerned.
The instructor involved in official proceedings may not conduct courses or trainings until final decision is issued by the IFACC Office. Such instructor is obligated to cooperate with the IFACC Office.
If you ever participated in a course/training and want to comment on its organization or management, you are invited to complete the evaluation form below. The form can also be used for complaints or to Express approval and thanks to an instructor.

We do not disclose your name!